Death of XP

Say it ain’t so Microsoft, say it ain’t so…Long time companion to the personal computer has been finally put to rest today on Monday June 30th 2008. This,  of course, after months and months of fighting from enraged XP users that did not want to convert to Vista. Today, a legend dies.

What will happen of XP?

Well that question cannot be fully answered. Right now, all that is known is that small computer business repair/builder shops will be able to still legally purchase XP for their business. Where else can you get XP? Well, their is also an extreme that must be done to get XP.  Buy a netbook (such as the Eee PC) with XP already loaded on it (this is allowed by Microsoft) and you will have your dream come true.

Sadly for some users, XP will not be available to them anymore. Those that do not want netbooks or those who do not own a computer repair business are out of luck. Many dedicated XP users banned together and formed a petition to keep XP alive. However, this effort was all in vain.

On the positive side, XP will still be supported by Microsoft for the next six years (2014). Hopefully that will keep everybody happy until Windows 7 arrives at our door step. To this techie, nothing will change. Vista will just be replaced by Windows 7 and a save Vista petition will be bound to be created. *sigh* Nobody is ever happy.


Vista, Bust or Bold?

What has happened to this world?!?

During the release of Vista, I was still in high school. I remember all the “techie” kids waiting in anticapation for the new operating system to be release. One kid actually pre-ordered Vista Ultimate and would start out the class period by coming into the classroom saying, “_____ days until Vista comes out.” Little did he (and the world) know that the new child of Microsoft was going to be a bust and that his $400 dollars he invested wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he wanted to receive. A few months after graduation, I bought myself a Toshiba laptop for a graduation present with Vista pre-installed and yet astonishingly, I was not as disappointed as the world was with Vista. I mean the computer typed, accessed the Internet, and allowed me to install just about anything I wanted to install. “Whats the problem?” I thought, “Seemed fine to me…”

Vista….Doesn’t Suck?

Yup, that’s right. I’ve said it. Now lets see all the emails I’ll get in the next 24 hours for saying that Vista doesn’t suck completely. For the average computer user like myself, I have seen no major concerns or problems with Vista. Though, I have ran into a few driver issues which were resolved after a few emails to the manufacturing company, but other than that it seems like a solid operating system. One of my close friends is an intense gamer and has an Alienware system which also runs Vista fine. When a bunch of us friends talk about Vista, he usually brags, “The only reason why Vista sucks for people is because they don’t have good hardware to support the demands of Vista.” After he states that comment, I usually agree with the comment. I mean, Microsoft’s rival Apple has it right. How often do you hear of Apple’s sucking? …Almost zero. Well, thats because they don’t let there operating system be installed on lacking machines. Actually Apple forbids the installation of their OS on any machines other than apples machines. I believe this is an effective way of quality control and should be adopted by Microsoft.

Hey, maybe I am wrong…If you also have an opinion about this case, please feel free to sound off.