Facebook, Is that a him or a her?

Facebook, one of the leading social-networking sites on the site, is fed up with trying to create new words for their users. Not the average user, but users that haven’t picked which gender they are yet. I know the question you might be asking yourself, “How do you not know your gender?” Well this question falls the category for newly gendered people or people that question there own gender (transsexuals).Facebook Logo

In recent weeks, the decision to make gender declaration mandatory has been passed and within weeks, Facebook users will have to declare which gender they are (or think they are). The problem with genderless users are that Facebook announces what people do when they do it. “Jeff has blanked. He is very happy.” When somebody is genderless on Facebook, they have to use they instead of he or she. The problem doesn’t seem very apparent now, but when used in a different sentence, the problem is obvious. “Jeff hates himself.” In the English language, there is no non-gendered word for himself or herself. So far, Facebook has been using themself. Themself is not a word, hence the problem.

My question is, “Does this really have relevance?” I mean shouldn’t we just accept people that do not wish to disclose there gender. I do not feel hurt by Facebook using “themself” and neither should most people.

Sound off and let your voice be heard.


A Quantum Leap: Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Welp, Apple is at it again and this time they are naming it after another huge kitty. Developers have been busy programming and customers have been gearing up for the release of the latest operating system which they have dubbed Snow Leopard. This new operating system promises five different features that are sure to make the new Apple OS a smash hit.

What are the five features?

Th last operating system introduced by Apple had dozens upon dozens of gadgets and gizmos. This time Apple has focused on something a little less tangible: mechanics and hardware. When I say mechanics, I mean how the operating system interacts with the hardware and what the user can do with those mechanics to get the best out of their hardware. Like I said above, there will be five main features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and they are as follows:

  • Microsoft Exchange Support
  • Multicore Support
  • 64-bit support
  • Media and Internet Technology
  • Open GL Technology

What is Microsoft Exchange support?

Microsoft Exchange Support allows Mac users and Iphone users to keep the same information on both devices. This is a pretty amazing feature since many of us have evolved into a “tech-creature” who uses at least three technical devices on a daily basis. The apple websites has this to say about MES:

Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 built into Mail, Address Book, and iCal. Mac OS X uses the Exchange Web Services protocol to provide access to Exchange Server 2007. Because Exchange is supported on your Mac and iPhone, you’ll be able to use them anywhere with full access to your email, contacts, and calendar.

Multi What?!? Multicore!

‘Bout time! Support for both of my cores (or the four cores for some people). This seems to be the biggest consern for myself when thinking about upgrading to a new operating system. Will both of my cores be supported? Mac users can now rest easy knowing that the money they spent on that fancy Quad-Whoeswhatist will work to its fullest abilities. Here is what the Apple website says about Mac OS X Snow Leopards Multicore abilities:

“Grand Central,” a new set of technologies built into Snow Leopard, brings unrivaled support for multicore systems to Mac OS X. More cores, not faster clock speeds, drive performance increases in today’s processors. Grand Central takes full advantage by making all of Mac OS X multicore aware and optimizing it for allocating tasks across multiple cores and processors. Grand Central also makes it much easier for developers to create programs that squeeze every last drop of power from multicore systems.

64-bits, If they are bits, does that mean they are small?

Well not really. 64-bit support means that processors with 64-bit processing capabilities can utilize the massive pluses associated with 64-bit processing. That means having more than 4 GB of RAM (more memory addressing), faster speeds (wider buses from 64-bit processors) and memory mapping files. Here is what Apple has to say about 64-bit Support in Snow Leopard:

To accommodate the enormous amounts of memory being added to advanced hardware, Snow Leopard extends the 64-bit technology in Mac OS X to support breakthrough amounts of RAM — up to a theoretical 16TB, or 500 times more than what is possible today. More RAM makes applications run faster, because more of their data can be kept in the very fast physical RAM instead of on the much slower hard disk.

Media and Internet Upgrades, woho!

This is a biggie in today’s world. Most internet users use some kind of media player and usually uses that media player to play video and music. Supposity Snow Leopard will have the new Quicktime X bundled with the new OS. Most users say that this media player will outdo any other media player on the market. Hopefully that statement is true because they keep bugging me to update mine…Here is what Apple has to say about the Media and Internet Upgrades:

Using media technology pioneered in OS X iPhone, Snow Leopard introduces QuickTime X, a streamlined, next-generation platform that advances modern media and Internet standards. QuickTime X features optimized support for modern codecs and more efficient media playback, making it ideal for any application that needs to play media content.

Because Snow Leopard delivers the fastest implementation of JavaScript to date, web applications are more responsive. Safari runs JavaScript up to 53 percent faster with Snow Leopard.

OpenCL, ‘the heck is that?

Open CL means Open Computing Language. This is something that I have never heard of before. But after reading what Apple has to say about this technology, I was amazed what I learned. The possibilities will make even the most computer illiterate person jump for joy. Can you say GPU processing? That’s right! The graphics card will be able to take on the ability to process regular data when not processing graphical data. This is possible through the OpenCL. Here is what Apple has to say about OpenCL:

Another powerful Snow Leopard technology, OpenCL (Open Computing Language), makes it possible for developers to efficiently tap the vast gigaflops of computing power currently locked up in the graphics processing unit (GPU). With GPUs approaching processing speeds of a trillion operations per second, they’re capable of considerably more than just drawing pictures. OpenCL takes that power and redirects it for general-purpose computing.

Knowing the huge differences that will be introduced in the new version of Mac OS X makes me want to purchase a Mac Mini so I can fully understand the abilities of Macs. Hopefully this thought is unified throughout the computer enthusiasts community.

Netbooks, The Future of Laptops!

Want a smartphone? Want a laptop? Now you can have both in one device. Seems huge computer companies have combined the two devices into new machines category called Netbooks. Now these netbooks will not be able to make phone calls but they are an upgrade to the smartphone’s internet accessing capabilities. These systems will specialize in small tasks such as Internet browsing, Instant messaging, and Email. Why was this division created? Well because laptops have become too powerful over the past few years. Since some people do not want to pay $1500 to $2000 for a laptop that is over-spec’d, computer manufacturers have reduced the hardware and reduced the price for netbooks made with just the basics.

What are the prices?

These netbooks will utilize the smallest amounts of hardware to balance out price and performance. They will come with a choice of two different Operating Systems, (Windows XP and Linux), and will use a slower processor such as the Intel Atom, the VIA C7 or the AMD Geode. The price of the average netbook will be around $300 to $400 and they will be available June 2008.

What do the expert say?

Paul Bergevin, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Global Communication Group says this about netbooks:

They are small laptops that are designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. And they cost about $250, making Netbooks a potentially disruptive and high volume market segment. Even though Netbooks won’t be confused with full-featured laptops, my hunch is that tons of people around the world will be attracted to a low-cost machine that plugs them in. The Netbook will expand the global PC market. By how much is a matter of conjecture.

This upcoming technology is amazing. Having such low-cost netbooks will increase the accessibility to the Internet from the common user to even users stationed in third world countries (this fact is shown by the $100 dollar laptop program).

The company that started this netbook revolution was a company called Asus (the Eee PC). Hopefully everybody will keep their eyes open for these machines, I know I’ll be getting my hands on one of these machines to do menial tasks such as…wordpress blogging. Hahaha…

What the Heck is IHype and Why Do They Keep Commenting My Blog?

I was going through my spam comments the other day and I came across one pertaining to a site called ihype.com. The comment wasn’t bazaar or anything however, after searching the Internet about this site I noticed many other people got the same comment. Here is the actual comment.

The website ihype.com is about to launch at the end of this month. It’s a very cool idea, especially to bloggers.


I found information about ihype.com on digg, on other blogs, and I even found the site itself (beta version and the real). Now, I only have one question. Is this site legit? Basically the site states that they discovered a new way for bloggers to get paid for blogging. This is done through companies who want advertisements created by bloggers. The ihype blogger would look at a list of products that they could write about and then would get paid via the amount of traffic that post (or maybe even blog) would receive. However, looking at the stats stated on their website, makes this site even more unbelievable. IHype says that bloggers could even make up to $10,000 a month which sounds a bit much to me. Here is the direct quote from the beta site:

Earn over $10,000 a month. Bloggers, web masters, site owners, experts and other online publishers can earn thousands a month reviewing and writing about advertiser products, services and more.

This sounds like a blog changing program to get into. The amount of money received from blogging can be ground breaking. Yet this also seems like a way to control what is being said over the blogs by bribing bloggers to just talk about these specific topics/products. Sooner or later, all blogs will just be out to make money by using services like the ones offer through ihype. All blog entries will be embedded with product placement and will not be based on real content. If anybody else has information about this site, please leave a comment below. Opinionated comments are also welcome.

New Korean Laptop–Sony

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop

Aving.net has just release information about the new Sony Vaio that will be set to release in South Korea in the near future. New laptop designs are released everyday, however this time it’s different. The new Vaio has a unique glass look and a fold up keyboard so it can be used in tight places (crammed places). This laptop has a decently big screen (15.4 widescreen) which should be effect with everyday tasks such as web browsing or email checking. The specs are kicked up a notch when looking at whats inside. Aving.net says this:

Powered by Core 2 Duo T8100 processor, 2GB of RAM and 200GB HDD, it supports new videoediting software ‘Movie Story Video’.

This core duo processor clocks in at 2.1GHz which is faster than most modern laptops on the market. Though this laptop looks really cool, the practicality of this laptop in America (or less crowded areas) wouldn’t be a factor for buying the pricey machine.

Looks like the American Sony All-in-One PC/TV too.

Vista, Bust or Bold?

What has happened to this world?!?

During the release of Vista, I was still in high school. I remember all the “techie” kids waiting in anticapation for the new operating system to be release. One kid actually pre-ordered Vista Ultimate and would start out the class period by coming into the classroom saying, “_____ days until Vista comes out.” Little did he (and the world) know that the new child of Microsoft was going to be a bust and that his $400 dollars he invested wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he wanted to receive. A few months after graduation, I bought myself a Toshiba laptop for a graduation present with Vista pre-installed and yet astonishingly, I was not as disappointed as the world was with Vista. I mean the computer typed, accessed the Internet, and allowed me to install just about anything I wanted to install. “Whats the problem?” I thought, “Seemed fine to me…”

Vista….Doesn’t Suck?

Yup, that’s right. I’ve said it. Now lets see all the emails I’ll get in the next 24 hours for saying that Vista doesn’t suck completely. For the average computer user like myself, I have seen no major concerns or problems with Vista. Though, I have ran into a few driver issues which were resolved after a few emails to the manufacturing company, but other than that it seems like a solid operating system. One of my close friends is an intense gamer and has an Alienware system which also runs Vista fine. When a bunch of us friends talk about Vista, he usually brags, “The only reason why Vista sucks for people is because they don’t have good hardware to support the demands of Vista.” After he states that comment, I usually agree with the comment. I mean, Microsoft’s rival Apple has it right. How often do you hear of Apple’s sucking? …Almost zero. Well, thats because they don’t let there operating system be installed on lacking machines. Actually Apple forbids the installation of their OS on any machines other than apples machines. I believe this is an effective way of quality control and should be adopted by Microsoft.

Hey, maybe I am wrong…If you also have an opinion about this case, please feel free to sound off.