Lazy People! Come and Rejoice, Let Us Build a Shutdown Icon!

Yup, that’s right! A shutdown icon…Now, I know that many readers are wondering, “Why create a shutdown icon? Windows has an icon in the start menu.” Well reader, that is true however, shutdown icons are for those lazy people that don’t feel it necessary to click the start menu before shutting down. So, here I give you: The Shutdown Icon Tutorial!

Step One

Go to your desktop and right click on some blank space. This is where the shortcut will be created. Next go to New and then to Shortcut. Once this is done, a new window will pop up to configure the shortcut about to be created.

Step Two

Next, a wizard will help users configure there new shortcut. This is where we name the executable file. For shutdown we will need to type shutdown -s -t 0 and then click next.

For other shortcuts (restart and log off) try these codes: shutdown -r -t 0 and shutdown -l -t 0

After that step, click finish.

Step Three

To change the apperance of the icon, right click the shutdown icon and click properties. Then under the shortcut tab, click change icon and then feel free to change the icon to whatever picture you might want.

[A cool prank would be to create a shutdown icon with the picture icon of a popular program like firerfox. When an unsuspecting user clicks on it, the computer will shutdown. Haha]


How Great is Firefox 3?

Mark from asks,

How great is Firefox 3 eh?

Mark this question can be answered very easily. Its amazingly great. Today I finally got the chance to download the newest version of Mozilla’s leading Internet browser and boy was I impressed. To summarize the features of the newest Firefox, I put together a list of five different factors that make Firefox 3 insane.

Add-on Manager

The new add-on manager gives the user more options when customizing Firefox 3. Not only does the new Firefox give the user the option to change extensions and themes, but it also gives the option to disable the different plug ins that Firefox uses and allows the user to manually update their extension and themes. Is quick-time annoying you again? Boom! Disable it! No more grief from third-party plug ins.

Adaptable Interface

Firefox 3 introduces the possibility of increasing the image size along with the text size for users with seeing disabilities (or for users that just want to increase text or image size). This is great for people that used and enjoyed this feature in Firefox 2, except this time the image size also increases. If it’s hard to read the text, I’m sure it’s hard to see the images. Good job Mozilla, this makes browsing easier for all of us.

Another notable feature would be the ability to configure Firefox to launch different applications (web based) for specific links. When a user would want to email a webmaster about their site, the user would click the mailto link and up comes gmail. Pretty awesome!

Malware and Security Protection

Keeping your computer safe is one of the biggest concerns with the average computer user and Mozilla recognizes this fact. Protection of Maleware is key to the survival of your secure information and the new Firefox is better than ever with security. This is done by a little ‘button’ near the address bar. When the site is good and secure, the area will turn green and, if clicked, a window will pop up with the information about the site. When a site is reported as a phishing site, the button will turn red and warn the user. No more giving information to the wrong sources, I guess.

Smart Locations Bar

This is my all time favorite new feature of Firefox 3. By typing in the address bar, a user can bring up any page that is in its bookmarks or history by using a keyword. Can’t remember the exact URL of a cool site but only remember that it had video games in the URL? Type ‘Video Games’ in the address bar and it will remember the URL for you. Not only does the SLB remember the sites you look at, but it also remembers the most looked at sites. Remember that Video game site? Well the SLB site remembers that you checked it out five times today. When you type video games in the address bar, this is the first site that comes up since it was the most viewed page.

Increased Performance

Here is a graph to explain this feature:

These five features are not the only new features in Firefox 3. There are a few more notable ones as well. These include a better download manager, better ‘remember password’ manager, smarter bookmarks and native skins for different operating systems.

Hopefully these features will persuade everybody to try the new Firefox 3, if they haven’t switched already. I know, I would recommend it.

Top 5 Firefox Add-ons

I’ve been using Firefox for quite some time now after becoming upset by the way IE was treating me. One of the huge factors that drew me to Firefox was the ability to customize my experience via add-ons (themes and extensions). The number of features Firefox has compared to Internet Explorer are huge and my personal switch to Firefox was incredibly easy. The add-ons are what make this transition easy. And with many different add-ons to choose from, I struggled to narrowed my list down to five add-ons. But after much thought, I constructed the following list of my top Firefox add-ons.

Forcast Fox

Forecast Fox is one of my all time favorite Firefox Add-ons. It delivers my weather to my browser via my zip code and updates itself about every 15 minutes to show me the current conditions in my area and the conditions for the future (the next few days). The future forecast is not what draws me to this extension but it’s the ability to produce live radar of my area. And with another add-on, the radar can be huge. Many Firefox users have complained that this extension takes a lot out of a system, but I disagree. If you use a standard DSL line, I am sure that this extension will work as expected.

Tab Mix Plus

Tab Mix Plus is also one of my favorite Firefox add-ons. This add-on gives users the power to change the way tabs are created, what windows becomes a tab, and how tabs are displayed. This extension also allows the option of creating multiple rows of tabs (in theory, this exertion can allow for an infinite amount of tabs). Since the big ‘tab boom’ last year created a tab dependency for computer users, I believe this extension is necessary for the new Internet Browser of the year 2008.


FasterFox is an awesome add-on. This extension eliminates the unnecessary elements of a web page, decreasing the time it takes for web pages to load. Plus, FastFox records the exact time it takes for websites to load and displays the time in the bottom of the browser. “Captain, how long did that one take?” Mine says 0.140 seconds.


BOOM! Favorite extension. DownThemAll is a download accelerator and allows for the download of any mp3, jpg, or movie file of a web page. Being in such a media based world, this extension takes the cake on usefulness. One of my favorite things to do is to extract music from websites to use for personal use (mp3 player). This can be done by navigating to a site, click on tools>DownThemAll and then select the exact file you want to download. It’s that simple.


Okay, so this one is not an extension, but it does fall under the add-ons category. This add-on is really called a theme and changes the ‘skin’ or look of the Firefox browser. Downloading the AeroFox theme makes the browser have a sexy black look to it. Woho…kinda looks like Vista…Though this theme looks like Vista, it does not slow down your system like the infamous operating system.