I started out my life always admiring writing and after taking a class in college about it, I came to the realization that I was a half decent writer. The thought of a blog has always thrilled me and after much deliberation, I took the plunge. I started out writing everyday, even multiple times a day, for about a month using various sites like digg and shoutwire to try to get my blogs posts out into the Internets, however failure was unavoidable since the content was not amazing and I was more concerned about getting views then making content. After writing so much and not getting any attention, I burnt out and failed to re-post anything after about a month of loyalty to my blog. Of course, that was six months ago in a blog that I didn’t have much experience in the topic I was writing about.


Some of you might be questioning why I would even decided to come back to posting on a different blog. I mean obviously, the blogging world was not for me and the same “burning out phase” will happen again. But life wouldn’t be the same if I wouldn’t try again, right? I mean, now that college is out for the summer, I have tons of free time and work isn’t too hard that my mind couldn’t spare a few extra tests of intelligence. Plus, I would rather keep with my writing “talents” up to par then let them fade away. Instead, this will keep my life interesting and void of just doing the normal up-work-home-TV-bed routine.

Blog Topics

Just to let the readers of this blog know, this blog will be about whatever topic that comes to my mind. There will be no set of rules or guidelines. Though this may be my curse, I believe this will make my blog unique and interesting to read. Hopefully, you will feel the same way after many months of my postings.

Email me at pseudobanksy@gmail.com


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