WALL•E Review, Put on Your Sunday Clothes

Wow, just wow. I just got back from a screening of the new Disney/Pixar Movie WALL•E and once again Pixar has amazed me beyond belief. For those who haven’t seen this movie yet, I’ll try to keep this post void of spoilers.

The Basic Plot

WALL•E sets the stage by showing an Earth overrun by consumerism and an Earth incapable of maintaining life as we know it. Those humans that remain in existence construct an ingenious plan to leave the planet Earth and wait for their WALL•E robots to remove all the pollution which is hindering life growth. Over the following 700 years, a single WALL•E remains in operation and continues to fulfill its robotic duties. However, unlike the traditionally robot we know, this interesting little fellow seems to have adapted humanistic characteristics which he learned from watching a VHS version of Hello Dolly. This is when the true story unfolds.

Now please don’t just think this is a child’s movie because it truly isn’t. Any age child, adult, old-folk can enjoy this movie. Standing back and realizing the true work of art this film is, makes it even more of an excellent film, specially since much of the movie is silent (of voice).


One instance that surprised me was the fact that the creators used Broadway music in this movie (and they used it very well). Some musical minded people might have noticed what was WALL•E was watching and humming during the movie. Of course, he was watching Hello Dolly and was humming the song Put on You Sunday Clothes (for those who are wondering, the love song is It Only Takes A Moment). Jerry Herman himself explains his reaction very well. stating, “It really blew me away. You’re talking to someone still in a haze. I couldn’t believe how beautifully the songs expressed the entire intent of the film.” Later he explained, ” [I was] not aware of how the songs were going to be used”; [I] was thinking something along the lines of background music.” Oddly enough the pieces that were used fit fantastically into the movie’s vibe.

Another topic this movie brings up is “Where are we headed?” In the current era we are in now, most people could not watch this movie without thinking, “This might just be where we are headed.” Bringing this revelation to our minds could even have the power to change how we think and how we treat our planet and life on our planet.

Hopefully everybody checks out WALL•E in theaters before its DVD release on November 4th 2008. Even thought, I’m sure that I’ll also be buying the DVD (and I’m sure I’m not alone).


9 Responses

  1. I’ve heard lots about Wall-E. I can’t wait to see it!

  2. I thought the movie was amazing as well. It, like you said, really questions humanity’s future which is very interesting in a “children’s” movie

  3. The sad part is, for a “child’s movie” there was not many children in my theater while I was watching it. The one kid that was there, fell asleep after the first 20 minutes. The first 20 minutes of him saying Wall -re during the movie that is. O.o

  4. Actually, now that you mention it, you’re right. There were about the same number of adults and children in the audience where I went. Interesting..

    heres a cool article related to Wall-E


  5. Ok added you to my blog roll. Feel free to add me. Call it

    Art In Motion

  6. “Leftside Annie Says:
    OoooOOOooooOOOOh!!!! Teaching kids – kids! – to respect the Earth!
    OMG, that’s TERRIBLE!!!!
    Shame on them!!! Those BASTARDS!!! Those awful, horrible BASTARDS!!!!
    OK. I’m done now. /snark off
    July 1st, 2008 at 12:35 pm ”

    That is my favorite comment on that site.

  7. I can’t believe stupid people like that actually have so much influence on the…stupid public

  8. I really enjoyed this movie a lot! Don’t ya just want to take Wall-E home and hug him and love him forever?! lol!

    There were a couple dull parts I found once Wall-E left Earth, but overall, it was a great movie.

  9. I believe PIXAR did a real good job defining his character and making him lovable (All within 20 minutes from the beginning of the movie). Once this was achieved, PIXAR had the ability to pull on the audience’s heart strings and they took advantage of this fact. Which is why the movie was so good if the audience member was captured by Wall-e. If not, this movie got old fast (especially for the younger generation who all fell asleep in my theater).

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