Death of XP

Say it ain’t so Microsoft, say it ain’t so…Long time companion to the personal computer has been finally put to rest today on Monday June 30th 2008. This,  of course, after months and months of fighting from enraged XP users that did not want to convert to Vista. Today, a legend dies.

What will happen of XP?

Well that question cannot be fully answered. Right now, all that is known is that small computer business repair/builder shops will be able to still legally purchase XP for their business. Where else can you get XP? Well, their is also an extreme that must be done to get XP.  Buy a netbook (such as the Eee PC) with XP already loaded on it (this is allowed by Microsoft) and you will have your dream come true.

Sadly for some users, XP will not be available to them anymore. Those that do not want netbooks or those who do not own a computer repair business are out of luck. Many dedicated XP users banned together and formed a petition to keep XP alive. However, this effort was all in vain.

On the positive side, XP will still be supported by Microsoft for the next six years (2014). Hopefully that will keep everybody happy until Windows 7 arrives at our door step. To this techie, nothing will change. Vista will just be replaced by Windows 7 and a save Vista petition will be bound to be created. *sigh* Nobody is ever happy.


12 Responses

  1. I’m a bit confused, does this mean that you can no longer buy XP at software stores or that it doesn’t come preloaded into computers anymore? Or both?

    And I’ve heard whispers that Windows 7 will be released within the next couple of years. When do you think it will be released?

  2. Both. Netbooks will come in XP though.

    I think Windows 7 will come at the same time as Mac Snow Leopard. I believe it will be release in 2010.

  3. Agreed. And have you gotten google webmaster tools? I just saw that you didn’t have a pagerank. Try checking it out here

  4. Ok I guess my link didn’t work its at

  5. Ok that didn’t work either, just google it.

    Feel free to delete the second comment

  6. Yeah I just found out about Google Webmaster Tools a few days ago. Sadly I have not acquired a Page Rank yet. Any suggestions?

  7. try submitting your site to google. that usually works.

  8. Yeah, I did that a while ago. Doesn’t it take like 3 months to change page rank or something. Or do you believe it is instant?

    It was kinda strange. I was getting like 100 views from Google traffic about a week ago for about two weeks straight. And then all of a sudden, I get like none. I don’t know how that happens O.o It’s been at like zero for about a week and a half.

  9. Yeah the same exact thing happened to me except its picked up again in the last few weeks. I read somewhere that google gives more traffic to new blogs and then slows it down. but keep blogging because in a few weeks, it should pick up again.

    And I think it was more like a few weeks before I got a pagerank. I’m not exactly sure though

  10. Yeah, well its a huge motivation killer. I had some good traffic and then its like BOOM! two hits in a day…

    Well, if you wonder why I might not be posting the next few days, its because I’m going on vacation. So don’t worry. Though, I am going to try to write some posts and have them automated so they post during the days I am gone.

  11. I can’t believe people are actually that stupid

  12. Oh sorry wow, wrong post. Ignore the previous comment; I was trying to post it to the Wall-E post.

    Yeah, I’m probably not going to be posting either the next few days haha, what a conincidence.

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