Disable History, Disable Smart Locations Bar for Firefox 3

Welp, I guess many Firefox 3 users are in a pickle. Did you ever find yourself stammering to delete the history or cache of a shameful site? Well, you’re not alone because millions of Firefox users have that same dilemma. Finally, the people that have made the Distrust plug n have come to the rescue with their new Firefox 3 plugin.

When Distrust is enabled, Firefox 3 records the history and cache like it normally does any other time. However, when Distrust is disabled, the tracking of sites is turned off and the user can feel free to browse however they want to browse. This plugin is specifically used for the new Smart Locations Bar which records everything a user does on Firefox 3.

[Pseudo Banksy does not condone or endorse searching or looking at questionable material. This plugin is used for the discretion of its users].



11 Responses

  1. Interesting add-on…

    And by the way, what plugin do you use to measure stats on your blog. I’m just curious.

  2. Since I have a plain wordpress blog (given via the site) the company is in charge of s measuring my traffic for me. They do not really come out and say what plugin measures the traffic.

    If you’re looking for a good stat recorder, I heard feed burner is a good one.

    I believe in the coming weeks I will post my stats for everybody to see (just in case anybody was curious because I know I am about everybody’s else’s blogs).

  3. This is not about firefox..
    But where did you make your avatar?

  4. It’s probably WP-Stats. Is there a white graph with blue dots measuring the visits for the day?

  5. Yeah, I’m guessing its pretty accurate. Thought it does not show how long the viewer stayed at the site (a feature that would be nice).

  6. Try Google Analytics. It does everything I need. I use that and the WP-Stats plugin. Usually the WP-Stats shows higher visitor counts though.

  7. The moderators of wordpress do not allow wordpress.com users to use google analytics because they use it in some way..At least that is what the site says.


  8. That’s weird.

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