Final Fantasy 4: Four Fiends of the Elements [Downloadable!]

Sssrrr, Sssrrr
Spreading poison gas and foul smells
Zombie, zombie. all my underlings are sludgy
Falling down from the bridge, back attack,
No big scenes in particular

Nexty, Cagnazzo!
Tsunami, Tsunami, Cagnoazzo the Tsunami,
Turtle man
Blue body
Adoration for Commander Dessler
My indecent bald head is shining
and soaked with water as always
Oh boy it’s soaked

We are the Four Fiends of the Elements
Earth, Water, soar up

I’m called Scarmiglione of Earth, but
I think I should be called Scarmiglion of Poison

Tonade, tornade, stormy woman, almost naked
Lovin’ Girls, Lovin’ Girls
I have no interest in guys
Cindy, Mindy, Sandy
which girl should I choose for today’s partner?

Rubicante the Fire!
Rubican, Rubican, Rubicante the Fire
weak to water
Gentleman, gentleman, fairly in battles
My voluptuous bare leg, getting a glimpse
Shall I show you the inside of my mantle?

We are the Four Fiends of the Elements
Wind, Fire, soar up

I think I’m the sexiest among the Four Fiends
Yeah, maybe…

My true strength lies in death
Taste my power and die!

I didn’t expect you would defeat me
Now, join me in hell

It seems Lord Golbez has underestimated you

I shall restore your strength, Now bring it on!

My turn? Okay then!
Golby, Golby, Cecil’s own brother, Lunarian
Brain-washing, confinement
MO as K*m *****
All for the sake of Lord Zemus’s world
All must be as Lord Golbez wills
Go! The strongest Four Fiends of the Elements

Download this Mp3

Download the Final Fantasy Version


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