Netbooks, The Future of Laptops!

Want a smartphone? Want a laptop? Now you can have both in one device. Seems huge computer companies have combined the two devices into new machines category called Netbooks. Now these netbooks will not be able to make phone calls but they are an upgrade to the smartphone’s internet accessing capabilities. These systems will specialize in small tasks such as Internet browsing, Instant messaging, and Email. Why was this division created? Well because laptops have become too powerful over the past few years. Since some people do not want to pay $1500 to $2000 for a laptop that is over-spec’d, computer manufacturers have reduced the hardware and reduced the price for netbooks made with just the basics.

What are the prices?

These netbooks will utilize the smallest amounts of hardware to balance out price and performance. They will come with a choice of two different Operating Systems, (Windows XP and Linux), and will use a slower processor such as the Intel Atom, the VIA C7 or the AMD Geode. The price of the average netbook will be around $300 to $400 and they will be available June 2008.

What do the expert say?

Paul Bergevin, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Global Communication Group says this about netbooks:

They are small laptops that are designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. And they cost about $250, making Netbooks a potentially disruptive and high volume market segment. Even though Netbooks won’t be confused with full-featured laptops, my hunch is that tons of people around the world will be attracted to a low-cost machine that plugs them in. The Netbook will expand the global PC market. By how much is a matter of conjecture.

This upcoming technology is amazing. Having such low-cost netbooks will increase the accessibility to the Internet from the common user to even users stationed in third world countries (this fact is shown by the $100 dollar laptop program).

The company that started this netbook revolution was a company called Asus (the Eee PC). Hopefully everybody will keep their eyes open for these machines, I know I’ll be getting my hands on one of these machines to do menial tasks such as…wordpress blogging. Hahaha…


6 Responses

  1. It sounds like the netbook may become the bloggers’ new favorite mobile device!

  2. Exactly what I was thinking

  3. They are actually really hard to get your hands on. I believe best buy is the only retailer of netbooks (other than the companies themselves). I already went to Circuit City and they said that they might get shippings of them at the end of June 2008.

  4. So online is probably the best bet?

  5. Here is a link to an asus netbook

  6. […] Where else can you get XP? Well, their is also an extreme that must be done to get XP.  Buy a netbook (such as the Eee PC) with XP already loaded on it (this is allowed by Microsoft) and you will have your dream come […]

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