New Mountain Dew Flavors? What?!?

I’m a huge mountain dew drinker and after learning about this “dewmocracy” campaign, I couldn’t have been more excited to drink mountain dew. Basically, the dew company released three new flavors and the populace is voting for which flavor is the best. Once the votes are tallied, the flavor that was voted “number one” will permanently become a flavor in the Mountain Dew family. The three flavors created were strawberry-melon, raspberry, and wild berry, all of which are very good. Do you have a favorite? Below are the three different flavor banners for websites and email/forum signatures. (only 58 days until the end of the voting, woho!–to check out the actual signatures, go to there website and register).

Vote for SuperNova
Vote for SuperNova
Vote for Voltage
Vote for Voltage
Vote for Revolution
Vote for Revolution

I’ll be getting back to some meatier posts once I fix my computer. There are a couple of problems that need to be fixed and that should be completed in a few days.


5 Responses

  1. I saw those at Wal-mart the other day… I had no idea about the “Dewmocracy” thing though….that’s interesting

    If you had to recommend one, which one would u pick?

  2. Raspberry is my favorite (it’s also America’s favorite at the current moment).

  3. Oh allright thanks, I’ll probably go pick that one up soon.

    And good luck with the computer issue

  4. I gotta try this stuff…..

  5. So I have been drinking mountain dew religiously and since they started the old school vs new school promo I have been saving the codes and entering them. I never win obviously. But I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has won? Just let me know on here if you have won anything from it. thanks

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