New Korean Laptop–Sony

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop has just release information about the new Sony Vaio that will be set to release in South Korea in the near future. New laptop designs are released everyday, however this time it’s different. The new Vaio has a unique glass look and a fold up keyboard so it can be used in tight places (crammed places). This laptop has a decently big screen (15.4 widescreen) which should be effect with everyday tasks such as web browsing or email checking. The specs are kicked up a notch when looking at whats inside. says this:

Powered by Core 2 Duo T8100 processor, 2GB of RAM and 200GB HDD, it supports new videoediting software ‘Movie Story Video’.

This core duo processor clocks in at 2.1GHz which is faster than most modern laptops on the market. Though this laptop looks really cool, the practicality of this laptop in America (or less crowded areas) wouldn’t be a factor for buying the pricey machine.

Looks like the American Sony All-in-One PC/TV too.


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