Vista, Bust or Bold?

What has happened to this world?!?

During the release of Vista, I was still in high school. I remember all the “techie” kids waiting in anticapation for the new operating system to be release. One kid actually pre-ordered Vista Ultimate and would start out the class period by coming into the classroom saying, “_____ days until Vista comes out.” Little did he (and the world) know that the new child of Microsoft was going to be a bust and that his $400 dollars he invested wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he wanted to receive. A few months after graduation, I bought myself a Toshiba laptop for a graduation present with Vista pre-installed and yet astonishingly, I was not as disappointed as the world was with Vista. I mean the computer typed, accessed the Internet, and allowed me to install just about anything I wanted to install. “Whats the problem?” I thought, “Seemed fine to me…”

Vista….Doesn’t Suck?

Yup, that’s right. I’ve said it. Now lets see all the emails I’ll get in the next 24 hours for saying that Vista doesn’t suck completely. For the average computer user like myself, I have seen no major concerns or problems with Vista. Though, I have ran into a few driver issues which were resolved after a few emails to the manufacturing company, but other than that it seems like a solid operating system. One of my close friends is an intense gamer and has an Alienware system which also runs Vista fine. When a bunch of us friends talk about Vista, he usually brags, “The only reason why Vista sucks for people is because they don’t have good hardware to support the demands of Vista.” After he states that comment, I usually agree with the comment. I mean, Microsoft’s rival Apple has it right. How often do you hear of Apple’s sucking? …Almost zero. Well, thats because they don’t let there operating system be installed on lacking machines. Actually Apple forbids the installation of their OS on any machines other than apples machines. I believe this is an effective way of quality control and should be adopted by Microsoft.

Hey, maybe I am wrong…If you also have an opinion about this case, please feel free to sound off.


5 Responses

  1. So you think Microsoft should make their own line of PC’s….not a bad idea. I currently don’t have Vista but my friend has one and his works fine. But my next computer purchase will probably be on a Mac.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, SecondStoryGamer by the way

  2. They should but i doubt that this will happen. The only option low grade computer users have is either stick with XP, switch to Linux (though Linux is hard to the non-computer literate consumer), or just wait and hope the windows 7 will be more hardware friendly.

    Mac is a nice option as well. I mean they have a lot of cool software such as GarageBand and IMovie. MiniMacs are the way to go (its about $500) and it can be hooked up to the monitor, keyboard, and mouse that your PC would be using. Way more affordable for the conscious consumer who doesn’t want to buy a $2000 iMac.

  3. The problem with MiniMacs is their lack of the proccessing power required by the more intense Mac software. Wouldn’t want to edit movies on it, but it’s great for a basic user.

  4. I’ll agree that Vista is not that much of a hassle. Honestly, the majority of issues stem from low-range PCs that obviously couldn’t support Vista’s requirements. For most people in my circle (aka PC gamers), Vista works fine because their machine is more than compatible with it.

    The biggest shouters about Vista are people in the other camps, Linux or people who never want to upgrade from XP. And both of those camps are usually just echoing comments from the lawsuits about the Vista Capable logo fiasco.

    Vista is probably not going to replace XP, but it is far from being labeled as big of a disaster as Windows ME.

  5. The transition between 86 and 64 architectures is having a huge effect on the windows industry. Vista and further editions of windows will need higher amounts of RAM to run. 64 can make this possible with an almost endless amount of memory addresses. But if you’re going to stick with 32-bit processors, you’re not going to be able to keep the machine running and play games or w/e. Those people will be the ones that will be sticking around in XP-type operating systems for a while.

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