What the Heck is IHype and Why Do They Keep Commenting My Blog?

I was going through my spam comments the other day and I came across one pertaining to a site called ihype.com. The comment wasn’t bazaar or anything however, after searching the Internet about this site I noticed many other people got the same comment. Here is the actual comment.

The website ihype.com is about to launch at the end of this month. It’s a very cool idea, especially to bloggers.


I found information about ihype.com on digg, on other blogs, and I even found the site itself (beta version and the real). Now, I only have one question. Is this site legit? Basically the site states that they discovered a new way for bloggers to get paid for blogging. This is done through companies who want advertisements created by bloggers. The ihype blogger would look at a list of products that they could write about and then would get paid via the amount of traffic that post (or maybe even blog) would receive. However, looking at the stats stated on their website, makes this site even more unbelievable. IHype says that bloggers could even make up to $10,000 a month which sounds a bit much to me. Here is the direct quote from the beta site:

Earn over $10,000 a month. Bloggers, web masters, site owners, experts and other online publishers can earn thousands a month reviewing and writing about advertiser products, services and more.

This sounds like a blog changing program to get into. The amount of money received from blogging can be ground breaking. Yet this also seems like a way to control what is being said over the blogs by bribing bloggers to just talk about these specific topics/products. Sooner or later, all blogs will just be out to make money by using services like the ones offer through ihype. All blog entries will be embedded with product placement and will not be based on real content. If anybody else has information about this site, please leave a comment below. Opinionated comments are also welcome.


Sexual Innuendo, Banjo Kazooie Style

I was looking at a bunch of blogs the other day and I came across this post on a blog by the name of “The Gamer’s Utopia.” After asking for permission, I decided to also address the topic of Banjo’s Sexual Innuendos in the game.

Banjo Kazooie, Haha….

My very first console system was the Nintendo 64 (my sister had an Atari 2600). There was nothing better than playing that thing for hours and hours, whether it was Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, or Banjo Kazooie. Hmm…Banjo Kazooie….Many Nintendo 64 users were too young to remember the crazy stuff that was in that game. But after replaying BK when I was in my teenage years, I realized the loads of sexual innuendos embedded into the game. This struck a chord in my brain and induced a search on the Internet to see if anybody else realized what BK was projecting. The following videos are what I have found on Youtube.com.

Banjo Kazooie, Rated E?

Here is a video from youtube that further examines the game’s sexual innuendos. Some of them are far out there but some are actually plausible.

Thanks to TGU for allowing me to write a blog about this video.

The Man of Iron! Iron Man Review

Well, I hope everybody had a good Memorial Day weekend. I guess this means getting my nose back to the grindstone of writing blogs. Over the weekend, I went to see a couple of movies with a few friends, one of which was the new Iron Man movie. A bunch of my friends saw this movie before I did and I heard several opinions, so I knew what I was getting into when I wanted to go see it. And when I say getting into, I mean I knew that I was getting into the AMAZING FEATURE FILM THAT IS KNOWN AS IRON MAN. Was that a bit melodramatic? Iron Man Poster

What’s it about?

Basically, the movie is about a brilliant, multi-billion dollar weapon manufacturer/inventor and CEO (Tony Stark). The movie begins with Stark as an arrogant man that takes his money and power for granted and later re-evaluates his life after experiencing a tragic event. During this experience, he is awaken to the fact that he has became the new “destroyer of worlds” [Oppenheimer] and has been associated with the destruction and death of millions of people. Even though he has been told this many times, he usually denies that it is not his fault and he states that his weapons keep the peace. But his mind changed when his mentor showed him the real Tony Stark, a selfish drunkard. Realizing the errors of his ways, he dedicates his life to the creation of a suit and the pursuit of justice by destroying the evils who caused him harm in the past (Wow, a review without spoilers).

Was it good?

Was it good? Was it good? IT WAS AMAZING. I’d recommend this movie to pretty much anybody that likes action movies or super hero movies. The story is classic; a rich man changes his ways and fights for revenge on the people that have done him harm. Not to mention the cool special effects and the enriched dialogue which kept this movie interesting and kept me on my toes (or maybe my butt checks, O.o). What could makes this film better? Gwen Paltrow! Oh, wait she is in it. Amazing women, specially as a red head (eye candy). I give this film a 9 out of 10 star review. Hopefully everybody feels the same.

Why Sites like Digg Don’t Work

I’ve spent a lot of time on the Internet, ever since I got it back a few years ago. I can’t even imagine how life would be without it. Since the ‘net was so embedded in my life, it was only a matter of time before I wanted my own space, a website to call my own. And with the creation of my site I wanted a way to publicize it to the masses. After pondering for a while I did what any other teenager would do when looking for information about a specific topic. I searched Google and found a cool website that would post my own posts to its site for many people to see. Of course, the website that I found was very useful and got my blogs many views (over 100 per post) however, these views were of no quality and lacked user activity. Many of blog users swear by this site however I am a different. Here are the four reasons why the website infamously known as Digg.com doesn’t work.

Digg users don’t click ads.

Ads seems to be the top priority when making a blog or at least the top priority would be to see the fruits of the webmaster’s hard labors. This can be done several ways such as by comments/feedback and by using ads to increase revenue. They have been using this method for years and yet it seems Digg.com has the opposite effect on websites and there ads. I do not understand why Digg users do not click on ads, but several studies have shown that Digg.com users do not click on ads as much as users that come from search engines. Maybe it’s because Digg users are just out for some quick boredom relief while search engine users are looking for answers and content. Also with the costs of servers and bandwidth being so high in today’s world, the traffic that Digg produces does not provide a way to repay these individuals that have invested money in their own sites to make them grow. This leaves me with the question, is it worth investing?

Digg traffic does not generate comments or a following for your blog.

After reviewing several front page Digg posts, can anybody remember the URL of the users they liked? Again the boredom factor comes into play here. Most Digg users aren’t looking for writers who want to voice their opinion about topics or who create reviews of a movies or a video games. Digg users do not want to follow a specific blog to keep up with the writer’s opinion. What do Digg users want? They just want to see what is popular that day on the Internet, which is fine but having this as a source of viewer generation will send a strong blog crashing to the ground.

Digg also creates a page on there own website for Digg users to comment. This also doesn’t boost the popularity of the webmaster’s site but only expands Digg’s own viewer count. I’ve read the comments on the Digg’s comment page for specific blog entries and yet if the actual blog page is brought up, they have no comment what so ever. Doesn’t that seem strange?

The “Digg Effect” brings in a huge amount of traffic and uses precious bandwidth.

For this point, I’m going to use a little equation (nothing hard, just try to follow along). Bandwidth = Money. Traffic = Bandwidth. I believe everybody knows what I am getting at. To run a website, webmasters have to sign up for a specific amount of bandwidth in a plan. Bandwidth is used to keep websites up and running. Webmasters that use sites like Digg increases invaluable traffic (meaning it does not create new members or comments) to their pages. If traffic = bandwidth and bandwidth = money, that extra traffic induced by Digg just cost their owners a huge amount of money. Not a good thing…unless wasting money is a good thing.

The best and most user generated Digg post about a topic is not always the one that reaches the front page.

I’ve seen many Digg posts and it never seem to amaze me when I see how stupid the human race can be at points. How does “Girl with Big Boobs doing the limbo” reach the front page? Obviously the title has everything to do with the clickability of the article and yet good quality posts seem to be buried under the crap that filters through that site, even if it has a good title. I’ve seen very good articles that only received one digg and yet are better than what is dugg on the front page.

New Korean Laptop–Sony

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop

Sony Vaio VGC-LJ25L Laptop

Aving.net has just release information about the new Sony Vaio that will be set to release in South Korea in the near future. New laptop designs are released everyday, however this time it’s different. The new Vaio has a unique glass look and a fold up keyboard so it can be used in tight places (crammed places). This laptop has a decently big screen (15.4 widescreen) which should be effect with everyday tasks such as web browsing or email checking. The specs are kicked up a notch when looking at whats inside. Aving.net says this:

Powered by Core 2 Duo T8100 processor, 2GB of RAM and 200GB HDD, it supports new videoediting software ‘Movie Story Video’.

This core duo processor clocks in at 2.1GHz which is faster than most modern laptops on the market. Though this laptop looks really cool, the practicality of this laptop in America (or less crowded areas) wouldn’t be a factor for buying the pricey machine.

Looks like the American Sony All-in-One PC/TV too.

Vista, Bust or Bold?

What has happened to this world?!?

During the release of Vista, I was still in high school. I remember all the “techie” kids waiting in anticapation for the new operating system to be release. One kid actually pre-ordered Vista Ultimate and would start out the class period by coming into the classroom saying, “_____ days until Vista comes out.” Little did he (and the world) know that the new child of Microsoft was going to be a bust and that his $400 dollars he invested wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he wanted to receive. A few months after graduation, I bought myself a Toshiba laptop for a graduation present with Vista pre-installed and yet astonishingly, I was not as disappointed as the world was with Vista. I mean the computer typed, accessed the Internet, and allowed me to install just about anything I wanted to install. “Whats the problem?” I thought, “Seemed fine to me…”

Vista….Doesn’t Suck?

Yup, that’s right. I’ve said it. Now lets see all the emails I’ll get in the next 24 hours for saying that Vista doesn’t suck completely. For the average computer user like myself, I have seen no major concerns or problems with Vista. Though, I have ran into a few driver issues which were resolved after a few emails to the manufacturing company, but other than that it seems like a solid operating system. One of my close friends is an intense gamer and has an Alienware system which also runs Vista fine. When a bunch of us friends talk about Vista, he usually brags, “The only reason why Vista sucks for people is because they don’t have good hardware to support the demands of Vista.” After he states that comment, I usually agree with the comment. I mean, Microsoft’s rival Apple has it right. How often do you hear of Apple’s sucking? …Almost zero. Well, thats because they don’t let there operating system be installed on lacking machines. Actually Apple forbids the installation of their OS on any machines other than apples machines. I believe this is an effective way of quality control and should be adopted by Microsoft.

Hey, maybe I am wrong…If you also have an opinion about this case, please feel free to sound off.

Hello, You can call me Pseudo Banksy


I started out my life always admiring writing and after taking a class in college about it, I came to the realization that I was a half decent writer. The thought of a blog has always thrilled me and after much deliberation, I took the plunge. I started out writing everyday, even multiple times a day, for about a month using various sites like digg and shoutwire to try to get my blogs posts out into the Internets, however failure was unavoidable since the content was not amazing and I was more concerned about getting views then making content. After writing so much and not getting any attention, I burnt out and failed to re-post anything after about a month of loyalty to my blog. Of course, that was six months ago in a blog that I didn’t have much experience in the topic I was writing about.


Some of you might be questioning why I would even decided to come back to posting on a different blog. I mean obviously, the blogging world was not for me and the same “burning out phase” will happen again. But life wouldn’t be the same if I wouldn’t try again, right? I mean, now that college is out for the summer, I have tons of free time and work isn’t too hard that my mind couldn’t spare a few extra tests of intelligence. Plus, I would rather keep with my writing “talents” up to par then let them fade away. Instead, this will keep my life interesting and void of just doing the normal up-work-home-TV-bed routine.

Blog Topics

Just to let the readers of this blog know, this blog will be about whatever topic that comes to my mind. There will be no set of rules or guidelines. Though this may be my curse, I believe this will make my blog unique and interesting to read. Hopefully, you will feel the same way after many months of my postings.